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Demon Hunting In The Deep South

Demon Hunting in the Deep South - Lexi George When Evie walked into her office that morning she didn’t expect to see the body of her nemesis Meredith draped across her desk. While Meredith tortured Evie most of her life, she is the last person anyone could see hurting another person. Nonetheless she is the prime suspect in the murder investigation!

While all this is happening, something unusual is happening to Evie. She feels like she’s being watched, like someone is looking over her shoulder all the time. Little does she know, she’s being ‘protected’ by a Dalvahni warrior named Ansgar.

This was an interesting book. What initially drew me to it was title – Demon Hunting in the Deep South.. it just screamed read me! On a side note, this is part of a series – which can be read out of order, but does leave a few questions unanswered. I will have to go back and read the first book “Demon Hunting in Dixie” which features Addy and Brand – who are also featured in this book.

Back to the story – Evie is completely thrown by all the information tossed at her. Demons? Half breeds? Dalvahni… things she never expected to exist – really do exist! Not only are there such creatures, they can be darn sexy as well!

I think one of my favourite parts of this book is Meredith and her shrink. They have a hilarious interaction in numerous parts of the story that had me giggling! I did find some of the interaction between Evie and Meredith entertaining, but I felt for Evie and the bullying she had to endure at the hands of “the Death Starr” and her bands of harpies.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it was a fun read that had me smiling and giggling at the characters antics. It’s a great combination of paranormal romance and humour all rolled into a great story. Will I read more by this author? I will, I have already added the remaining books in this series to my wish-list. I am curious to see if I will enjoy them as much as this one.