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Ain't Misbehaving (Sexy Series)

Ain't Misbehaving - Molly Cannon Things for Marla Jean have not been going her way. Her husband has left her for an older woman and she’s had to move home with her parents. Can she pick up the pieces of her life and back on her feet? Is she willing to open up her heart again and potentially get hurt? When Jake, the boy she was head over heels as a child comes back on her radar; everything changes.

Jake has decided to take on the ‘big brother’ role while Marla’s own brother is out of town. While attempting to kibosh a potentially bad situation, Jake gets an earful from Marla. Who would rather he just back off! She has a brother and doesn’t need another one. Which made for some entertaining banter between those two.

This was a really cute, fun, quick read. I liked the interaction between Marla and Jake, who are fighting with how they feel about one another. I really felt for Marla Jean, who is going through a really bad divorce and seeing her ex with his new lady love all around town. Who also can’t seem to get over the fact that Marla wants to move on with her life.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it’s a book you could pick up on a rainy cold night for a light read. The characters are fun, easy to connect with and the writing flows really well. Would I read more by Molly? Most definitely! I love quick, easy, fun, light hearted book. It’s great to have a few tucked on my shelf for the right moment.