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Binding Arbitration

Binding Arbitration - Elizabeth Marx Elizabeth aka Libby is one of the best defense lawyers in Chicago. Known for winning cases as well as her looks she has admiration of the entire law community. Sadly her son Cass has Leukemia, and she needs a donor and has to connect his father – a man she hoped to never see again – Aiden “Band-Aid” Palowski.

Aiden is on top of his game, ready to sign a new contract and make millions. Engaged to well to do socialite Vanessa – things are looking great for him. Unfortunately things aren’t always what they appear. Unhappy with his relationship with flighty spoiled Vanessa, he wants to end things and move on. The star player isn’t as squeaky clean as the tabloids make him out to be!

I loved the interaction between Aiden and Libby. They have incredible chemistry and their banter is fantastic! The sexual tension between them sizzles and leaps off the page. Aiden wants in his son’s life, but Libby isn’t sure how much she wants to let him in. She’s worried she’ll get hurt as well as Cass! I really liked how Aiden stepped up to the plate and tried to make things right!

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it was a great read! The story has everything from humor, drama, a bit of mystery and intrigue. We have two very strong stubborn characters who are fighting to be on top! Elizabeth Marx is a new author for me and I really enjoyed her writing style and the characters. Would I read more by this author? Most definitely!