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Say Yes to the Duke (House of Brady)

Say Yes to the Duke - Kieran Kramer We once again meet the Sherwood family. Lady Marcia has had her happy ending and Gregory has found the love his life. Janice has been out for two seasons, but has yet to make a match. Could her past be affecting her potential or is it her? Janie is sent off to visit the aging Duchess of Halsey, with hopes of maybe catching the eye of her handsome grandson the Duke?

Janice isn’t prepared for the Halsey household. Lay-about rascals and women who just seem to hang about. The dowager has been tucked away in the far reaches of the estate and isn’t at all what she expected. Flipping between the dowager and an alternate personality of the Queen – Janice isn’t sure at first who she’s speaking with! Both wish Janice to entice the Duke into marriage – but does she really want a marriage without love?

This one of those great giggle/sigh type romance novels that I adore. You have moments where the hero or heroine make you laugh with their antics, or even the villain gets you chuckling with the plot we all know won’t work out. You have that ‘sigh’ moment when the hero realizes what a dumbass he’s been and does everything in his power to move mountains to win his lady love. Who doesn’t love those kinds of books?

Janice isn’t the weak biddable girl who falls in line for the Duke. She stands up to him, especially when it comes to the dowager. Her happy ending takes some work for both her and her hero – but as always it works out in the end!

Would I read more by this author? Oh yes, Kieran is easily one of my favorite authors. I’ve adored her writing since the moment I picked up When Harry Met Molly a few years ago. Would I recommend this author? In a heartbeat! If you love Julia Quinn, Vicky Dreiling – you will adore Kieran’s writing style. I would snap up any of her books without a second thought. I’ve yet to find one I didn’t love.