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It Stings So Sweet

It Stings So Sweet - Stephanie Draven First off, this is a very very steamy novel – it may not be something all readers will enjoy!

We start things off with Nora and her husband Jonathon, a young married couple who have some problems with their relationship. Jonathon found out that Nora had kissed a young man, who she use to be engaged to. Which enraged him – forcing her to do things she wouldn’t normally do at a society party.

Next week meet silent movie start, the sexy Clara. At the same party in the first part of the book, Clara meets Leo – a WW1 flying ace. She is intrigued by him and the things he suggests – leaving her wanting more. Clara leaves her current lover to be with Leo, but things are quite what they seem!

Last but not least, we meet Sophie and Robert. Now Robert is actually in all three sections of the story, and to be honest I didn’t like him at first. Sophie works at the Aster Hotel, when a private diary is brought to Robert’s attention he decides to see if Sophie is willing to act out the intriguing acts of her fantasies. By the end of the book, I started liking Robert and wanted him and Sophie to have their happy ending.

All three women we meet in this story are very strong characters. They know what they want and are willing to fight their way to the top. I’ve always loved stories set in the 1920’s – a time when women were breaking out of their shells, doing the things their mothers and grandmother wouldn’t dream of.

Would I recommend this book? For someone who loves a steamy historical erotic – this is definitely something you should check out. I really enjoyed the story beyond the sex scenes, all three couples are learning about one another, and what works for them. They push the boundaries to find love and aren’t willing to settle. Would I read more by this author? Most definitely!