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Wind Chime Point (Ocean Breeze)

Wind Chime Point - Sherryl Woods We pick up almost immediately after the end of “Sand Castle Bay” – Emily and Boone are busy planning their wedding and trying to keep his son’s grandparents happy. Life seems perfect – except for Gabriella; Emily’s sister.

Everything she’s worked so hard for is gone. She’s lost her job, the man she thought loved her and now has to face her family and tell them she’s pregnant. Feeling lost and unsure of what to do next, the only option for her is to move back to her Grandmother’s house and think about what to do with her life.

In the previous book, we briefly met Wade, and saw the glimmer of attraction between him and Gabriella. Unfortunately Gabi ignored it, as she had a man in her life and was happy with how things were. Now looking back, should she have paid a bit more attention?

Wade proves to be a knight in shining armour for Gabi. When the father of her baby decides he wants nothing to do with her or the child, Wade stands in to be her rock and shoulder to cry on. He’s also the one who helps her work through what to do next in her life – even when other find her choices a bit off the wall.

Would I recommend this book? This was such a sweet story! Gabi is going through a rough patch in her life and seems to be totally lost – she’s not sure how to deal with anything and Wade becomes the guiding light in the chaos. I adored both characters, and it was wonderful to read about the characters from the first book again! Would I read more by this author? Yes, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book “Sea Glass Island” which is about Samantha and Ethan!