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Scandalously Yours (The Hellions of High Street)

Scandalously Yours - Cara Elliott Olivia isn’t at all like the typical Miss out in society, she’s well read, very into politics and isn’t afraid to say exactly what is on her mind. The oldest of the Sloane sisters, she’s not interested in marriage, she would rather write political essays under the name “Beacon” for one of London’s biggest newspapers.

Wrexham is known as the “Perfect Hero” and despises the name. A retired military officer, he’s fought many battles – but none like the one with Olivia. Prescott (aka Scottie), Wrexham’s son is determined to find a new wife for his father and a Mother for him. He places an ad in a London newspaper to attract anyone who could replace the woman his father is considering – the one he calls “The Steel Corset”.

When Olivia and Wrexham meet for the first time, it’s over a rather unconventional game of chess. They battle with witty banter and she leaves Wrexham curious and wanting to know more about this woman. He’s intrigued by her – which gets them both into some trouble!

The two propose a truce, when Wrexham asks Olivia to help him with his speech for parliament on a controversial bill helping soldiers and some much needed social reform. In the midst of all this Wrexham makes some rather nasty enemies and his son is kidnapped!

I adored Olivia and Wrexham, they are probably one of my favorite couples. Neither of them care about rules of society and are looking for more. They have intelligent conversations, debate with one another and really care about making the world a better place. Both care very much for Scottie and are willing to risk scandal to rescue him from the clutches of Wrexham’s enemies.

Would I recommend this read? Most definitely! Cara has done a great job with this story and I couldn’t put it down. Olivia is a wonderful characters, so confident and unafraid of speaking her mind and being exactly who she is. She doesn’t care what society thinks of her, but rather what she thinks of herself. Would I read more by this author? In a heart beat. I will be looking for more in this series to see what happens to Anna and Caro.