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The Trouble with Honor (HQN Books)

The Trouble With Honor - Julia London Life is about to have some pretty major changes for Honor Cabot and her three sisters. Her step-father is very sick and none of them are sure what will happen once he passes. Her step-brother Augustine is set to marry Monica, who isn’t too keen on sharing her future home with 4 sisters in law.

I have to admit I had a really hard time with this book at first. I didn’t particularly like Honor and the way she wanted to go about destroying Augustine and Monica’s relationship to suit her. I found her to be spoiled, stubborn and a bit unlikeable. But as the story went on and she fell for George, she grew on me.

Honor’s scheme to have George seduce Monica away from Augustine backfired in a big way. Monica wasn’t an easy mark or willing to throw away her love with Augustine for a charming rogue. Despite Honor’s best efforts, it wasn’t going the way she planned. In the end it was Honor who was the one who was charmed.

Monica isn’t the bad guy in this story, but rather the pawn of an overly ambitious mother who has been slowly manipulating her. Making her believe that Honor and her sisters are frittering away Augustine’s inheritance. Along with their mother who is slowly losing her memory, which could be a stigma on her daughter’s future.

Despite the rough start and a character that was hard to warm up to, the book turned out to be a pretty good read. Honor grew up, fell in love and gave up on her scheming ways. Now I’m curious to find out what happened to Grace who vanished to Bath late in the story. She was willing to do anything to help her Mother and sisters, even if it ended in scandal! I’m hoping she’ll have an interesting story.

Would I recommend this book? Despite everything, yes – Julia is a very talented writer and I adore her books. I look forward to seeing what happens next to the Cabot sisters.