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Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Unleashing Mr. Darcy - Teri Wilson Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher who loses her job after a parent tries to bribe her into changing his son’s grade. In the process of standing up for herself she is put on suspension, leaving her job-less and unable to afford her apartment.

Lucky for Lizzy she met a wonderful couple at a dog show (while showing her gorgeous dog Bliss) and they ask her to come look after their dogs in England during show season. Who would say no to that? So Lizzy packs up, and is whisked away to wonderful London.

Unfortunately for Lizzy (or is it?), she runs into Darcy, Donovan Darcy that is. Breeder and judge – who she’s run into just recently in New York! It wasn’t exactly love at first sight for these two, it was definitely dislike or annoyance at first sight.

As a fan of Pride and Prejudice, I really enjoyed this modern take on the story. It had some great funny moments with the Scott family and their escapades as well as Lizzy and Donovan trying to fight the growing feelings and completely botching it.

This was a really cute novel, that had me hooked from page one until the end. It was a quick light read that I needed at that moment, and it made me smile. I look forward to seeing what else author Teri Wilson has coming next.