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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect - Deena Remiel There was a lot of story crammed into this cute quick read!

Jamie - the gorgeous, smart, sexy cover model has problems with women. Specifically models who look way more into their photo-shoots then what is really happening. He dreams of a woman and a relationship where she respects what he does and doesn't get jealous of the compromising situations he is put in.

Hope - injured stumbles onto Jamie's deck while out for a walk on the beach for her birthday. Instantly she falls for Jamie - even before they find out what each other does for a living. A cover artist who has lost her job. Have the fates thrown these two together!? Was someone listening to Jamie's wishes?

These two are very cute, I wish that the story had been longer to delve more into their budding relationship!
They have amazing chemistry and understand one anothers work and it doesn't come between them as it has in past relationships.

Doubt starts to creep into Jamie's dream - a crazy model who is obsessed with him has shaken their fairy tale and sent them running off into hiding. Can Hope handle the crazy's in his life? Will she be able look past it?

I'm not going to spoil it for you - pick up this great read for $0.99 (limited time) and see for yourself!