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Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass - Christy Hayes Kat and Danny met while Kat worked a part time job during her summer living with her sister. These two fell fast and hard - and parted on very bad terms. Both are brokenhearted and have never really moved on in their love lives.

With a new name - Kate Donovan returns to that very place she met Danny all those years ago. Little does Danny know - she is the writer who will be interviewing him and his business partner. They clash and all those feeling are dredged back to the surface. Does she still love him? Can they make it work this time?

These two characters have such amazing chemistry! They have to overcome some pretty big obstacles and re-learn about one another. Kate has her own family issues to work through and Danny - well he has some problems of his own. Will they be able to get over those problems and fall in love again?

Anyone who loves contemporary romance, stories of lovers separated and brought back together will love this story. I wish I hadn't waited so long to read this - it was a fantastic read. Christy Hayes has written an amazing story and she has definitely earned a spot on my authors to watch for list.