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Thrill Me (Caldwell Sisters, #2)

Thrill Me - Lucianne Rivers Book 2 in the Caldwell sisters series is just as steamy and hot hot hot as the first book! Police Detective Margo Caldwell is in DESPERATE need of a vacation. The one and only time she manages to get away is to hunt down a man who could be her missing father.

The Virgin Islands is hopefully where she's going to hunt Zach Caldwell down and bring him home to his family. Little does she know that she'll meet Adrian. A sexy as hell younger man who she'll have to overcome her fears to save. And hopefully prove the maniac wielding the gun isn't her father. These two have some incredible chemistry that sets the pages on fire.

Margo's story overlaps with Jane's story. One of the things I liked about this story was how it referenced what Jane was doing. It really brought things together!