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Just a Little White Lie

Just a Little White Lie - Lynnette Hallberg After stumbling on her fiance making out with his ex-girlfriend in the church on their wedding day - moments before they are suppose to say 'I Do' Lucinda storms from the church. Hot on her heels are her Father, her now ex-fiance and the woman he was found with. As she attempts to fit her massive wedding dress into her tiny sports car, her family is having a hard time understanding why she is so upset!

I felt for Lucinda (Lucy). Her father and Donald didn't seem to understand why she was walking about from this marriage. To them it was a business arrangement, not love. She ran as fast and as far as she could get - until her car died. Thankfully the handsome, sexy Jake finds her stranded and takes her home with him.

These two have some fabulous chemistry. Although they try and keep each other at arms length they soon find themselves falling for one another. Between a fake engagement, pleasing Jake's family, trying to keep the disaster with Donald from getting too out of hand - these two have some pretty large obstacles to overcome.

This was a cute, easy read. I had a lot of fun reading about Lucy and Jake. This is an author I will definitely be keeping an eye out for. Anyone who loves a good contemporary romance will enjoy this.