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Treasured Amish and Mennonite Recipes: 600 Delicious, Down-to-Earth Recipes from Authentic Country Kitchens

Treasured Amish and Mennonite Recipes: 627 Delicious, Down-to-Earth Recipes from Authentic Country Kitchens - Mennonite Central Committee I was really looking forward to digging into this cookbook and experimenting with some of the 600 or so recipes this book has. It has some pretty unique recipes from pies, cakes, casseroles to meatloaf and pot pies. I had fun going through and picking out what I was going to make for dinner that evening!

The recipes were easy to follow and even the most beginner of cooks could handle them. The only downside was no photos for each recipe. I always love to see what the finished product 'could' look like once it was ready to eat.

My only other complaint about this book was the use of canned soups in the recipes. Not something I expected to see, but I might have to give them a try anyways - just to see what they are like.

I tried several of the recipes from this cookbook - I picked some fairly simple and quick ones and I was happy (and so was my hubby) with how they turned out. Each one had it's own pros and cons and I've added a few of them to my own rotation of meals.

This is definitely a cookbook I'd love to add to my collection and would recommend this to almost anyone who is looking for something new and fun to try.