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Holly’s First Noel

Holly’s First Noel - Faye Robertson Have I mentioned how much I love novella's and especially Christmas themed novellas? Well if I haven't - I'm going to now!!! This was such a cute read and I couldn't pull myself away from this once I started. I didn't want the story of Holly and Noel to end.

Holly's been dumped. And it's the week before Christmas. She breaks down crying, only to be found by science teacher Noel. Who takes her out for coffee to vent about what happened. Coffee ends with Noel inviting her along on his trip to Scotland. These two are so cute, with all the innuendos and chemistry they are trying so very hard to hide. Both of them have been badly hurt and haven't quite healed.

Noel lost his wife three years ago, and feels guilty having feelings for another woman. Will he overcome his fears? Snowed in at a friends cottage they learn more and more about one another and as each day passes they fall for each other. How could you not love this story?

Faye's story had me laughing and hoping that the characters would have their H.E.A. Anyone who loves cute, sexy, funny contemporary romance will love this story. I will definitely been on the lookout for more books by Faye Robertson!