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This book has been honestly sitting on my TBR list for months. When Tiffany’s second book came up on Bewitching Book Tours recently, it was just the push I needed to pick up this book. Looking back, I wish I had picked it up sooner!

Mac is an investigator with the police department, she is also half banshee. With the murder of her partner, she is thrown off the investigation and has to work around the normal channels. With the help of Aidan, a member of the OWEA; she tries to track down the serial killer who has not only taken the life of her partner but many across the country.

Unfortunately for Mac, things don’t go according to plan. With the killer on the loose she’s looking into every avenue to find him and has Aidan tagging along. Their relationship goes from professional to hot hot hot in a matter of chapters. They have an amazing connection but neither can really get terribly involved when there is a major case to solve.

I REALLY enjoyed this book, Mac easily made my top 10 list of favorite heroines. She’s spunky, kick ass, isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done and keeps Aidan and the rest of the police department on their toes throughout the story.

With twists and turns this book keep me on the edge of my chair, quickly flipping pages to see what would happen next to Mac and whether they would find the serial killer.

Would I recommend this book? Yes! For those who love a paranormal romance with mystery mixed in this is a book for you. Will I read more by this author? Most definitely! I really enjoyed Tiffany’s style of writing.