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The Familial Witch

The Familial Witch - Bri Clark As I reached the end of this novella, I was left wanting more. The author has created such an incredible story in such a short period of time (and pages), we are introduced to a world of eternals, witches and magic. And of course the gorgeous cover!

We are introduced to Lucien, clan leader and one of the most revered. He is betrayed and barely escapes with his life. He stumbles on Aisleen (LOVE the name!) as he wanders through the forest. He begs for help and thankfully she doesn't hesitate. These two seem to be drawn to one another.

When Aisleen finds out what Lucien is, she isn't sure what to do. Her first thoughts are of revenge, but knows she is must help and heal as she is bound to. I don't want to give away too much of the story, as it is short! The story flowed well, I really enjoyed the author's style of writing.

The story is filled with wonderful descriptions and has so much potential. I hope that Bri will expand the story and we will get to see more of Lucien and Aisleen! For someone who likes paranormals, or stories of immortals and witches this is definitely something that will interest you.