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Almost a Bride

Almost a Bride - Kimberly Llewellyn Before you sit down to read this book there are a few items you are going to need – 1) a fan, 2) something VERY cold to drink, 3) and a comfy spot to curl up. Why, you ask… this is one steamy steamy sexy read that you will want to devour in one sitting.

Ivy has been dumped by her fiancee only weeks before their wedding. He informed her that she’s a prude and he needs more “excitement” in the bedroom to keep him happy. While she tries to come to terms with his comment and help her father with his campaign; she has to put her life back together, un-plan a wedding and decide what to do next.

When she stumbles on an ad for a new “Sex Appeal Study” she thinks she might have found the way step away from her ‘good girl’ ways and spice things up. She fudges her application, finds some new sexy clothes and is ready to make a change. And then she meets Kip – a sexy, confident, no strings attached kind of guy, who is doing the study as a favor for a friend. With so much sexual chemistry between these two I’m surprised my e-reader didn’t start to smoke!

These two manage to get into all sorts of trouble – in and out of the bedroom! Can they finish the study without breaking ALL the rules? Will they be able to overcome all those obstacles that are thrown in their path along the way?

Will I recommend this to anyone? Why yes! Will I read anything by this author again? Most definitely! This was a quick, fun, sexy read that kept me glued from start to finish. I’m looking forward to picking up more by Kimberly in the future!