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An Unexpected Baby (The Bride Series, Book 5)

An Unexpected Baby (The Bride Series, Book 5) - Shadonna Richards Emma and Evan have been married for six months – and are desperately trying to have a baby. Well Emma is at least! When she finally has a positive result, she’s thrilled and so is Evan and her grandfather – who all find out at once!

When she finds out it’s a false positive, she can’t bring herself to tell everyone the truth! With everyone so excited, and her grandfather’s health being so precarious she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone!

We met Emma and Evan in “An Unexpected Bride” – which I reviewed last year. Emma tells a little white lie to appease her dying grandfather and ends up dragging her boss into a “false” marriage. Which in the ends turns out to be a happily ever after for the both of them, as they both had feelings for one another!

As Emma digs herself a larger hole in the lie – Lucinda an old nemesis decides to stir up some trouble! Can Emma set things right before Lucinda spills the beans to everyone? Can Evan forgive her?

Will I recommended this book? Yes, it’s a cute companion to “An Unexpected Bride” where we get a glimpse into the lives of the characters after they’ve had their happy ending. Will I read more by this author? Most definitely, I’d like to pick up some of the other books in the “Bride” series.