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A Season for Sin (The Sinful Scoundrels #0.5)

A Season for Sin (The Sinful Scoundrels #0.5) - Vicky Dreiling For those who are familiar with Vicky’s novels the name Bell is something you’ve heard before. Once a scoundrel, always a scoundrel! He likes his life a certain way, his food a certain way and his current mistress just isn’t fitting into the system he’s laid out.

As Bell goes to set aside his mistress, she stumps him by setting him aside first! She’s unhappy and dislikes being ignored – time to move on and find someone who will give her what she need. Bell is quite content to let her go, and without all the fuss he was expecting!

A chance encounter with two young men of the ton – Colin and Harry, Bell is dragged back into society. Like most men, they are all about money, food, women and having a good time – which suits Bell just fine! That is until he meets Laura.

Vicky gives us a glimpse inside the new series due out in Spring 2013. This snippet from Bell’s story has me hooked! More like a prologue then a novella, we are given a bit of back story into how Bell and Laura meet before we dive into their story and happily ever after.

Would I recommend this book? If you love Vicky’s books, you will adore this story. I can’t wait to see what happens to these two in the spring and read their whole story! Will I read more by this author? Oh yes, she’s been on my list of favorites since her debut novel “How to Marry a Duke” came out.