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A Practical Arrangement

A Practical Arrangement - Nadja Notariani Evangeline has always been in her sister Melody’s shadow; the plainer of the two sisters, she fully expects to stay a spinster. When her father decides it’s time for Evangeline to marry and Melody to re-marry; she doesn’t put much stock in it. Who would marry her when most only see Melody?

Thomas Masterson is set to inherit Cherry Hill; he has been learning and researching farming methods in the area. When he and Mr. Lane visit the Grey’s; he is immediately intrigued by the intelligent, witty Miss Evangeline Grey.

This was an interesting read, it did take me a bit to get into the story; but was pleasantly surprised how it drew me in as I got past the first couple of chapters. Thomas knew exactly what he was doing, when he corners Evangeline; they would have to marry and with that solve both their problems.

Evangeline is terrified of marriage and everything it brings. Can she get past her fears and find love with Thomas? Can she see herself as more then just a ‘plain’ looking woman? Can he see past her intelligence and wit, to find the beautiful woman she is?

Would I recommend this book? Yes, for someone who is looking for a quick read and loves historicals. I love stories of reformed rakes who fall in love with their wives, that are pushed into marriage to save someone from scandal. Anyone who loves those types of stories, will enjoy this. Would I read more by this author? Yes.