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Deadly Vows (Francesca Cahill Deadly, #9) - Brenda Joyce My Thoughts:
Set almost immediately following the last novel; Deadly Vows begins on Francesca & Calder's wedding day. Of course nothing is easy when it comes to this pair! Francesca is 'called' away by a mysterious note just before the wedding is about to begin. Known for getting herself into all sorts of trouble, she is locked 'accidentially' away and misses the most important day of her life. Now what could be so important to draw her away from that? The portrait of course!

Francesca is one of my favorite characters, she's a very modern woman for her time. She's a top sleuth, funny, smart, witty - all the ideal qualities that both Rick and Calder admire! Her relationship with Rick and Calder are both complicated ones. This triangle is at times can be very entertaining, the banter, the quips... Rick would really like to have a relationship outside of sleuthing with Francesca, but he is married to Leigh Anne. Calder would really like Francesca to be with someone like Rick or with Rick.

"I happen to believe that my brother (Calder), as rotten as he can be, is not entirely rotten. You bring out the best side of him, Francesca. The only problem is that a leopard cannot change his spots." - Rick Bragg

Calder and Francesca have a lot of trust issues to worth through in this story. After Francesca jilted her beloved at the alter; Calder refuses to give her another chance. He believes he doesn't deserve her - that she needs to be with someone more moral then he is.

This story has a bit of everything - robbery, kidnapping, romance, mystery..

Brenda Joyce did an amazing job with this story. Anyone who enjoy historical romance or a good mystery novel will love this series!