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This is a drool worth novel - in so many ways. Jenn LeBlanc is an absolutely fabulous photographer and a phenomenal writer. This books showcases both her talents.. The cherry on top of this story - a sexy male lead who just oozes sensuality - both in photographs and in the written word.

Francine leaves her house in the 21st Century only to find her self whisked back in time and into the arms of Gideon, the Duke of Roxleigh. His staff tends to her wounds and attempts to make her comfortable in a strange place and time. Poor Francine doesn't understand at first what has happened to her! Will she at any moment wake up back in her own bedroom or is she stuck there forever?

Gideon is completely confused by Francine - who does not fit into the same category as the conventional women that he is use to. She cannot speak and signs symbols with her hands to communicate. He's extremely attracted to her and tries to keep her at arms length and his feelings in check.

I really enjoyed the story of Gideon and Francine - how they learned about one another and learned to trust one another. I am definitely looking forward to the next book by Jenn - about Perry...*sigh*

I hate giving away too many details about the story!! So I would recommend that anyone who loves historical romance to pick this one up and read it!!

The only downside I found was that the book didn't work so well on my Kobo - it kept freezing. So I had to read it at my computer - which I found out wasn't a bad thing ;-) Much bigger screen to look at the gorgeous photos!