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Undeniably Yours (Hqn)

Undeniably Yours  - Shannon Stacey Two encounters and a one night stand bring Kevin and Beth together in a way they couldn't predict. After meeting in his bar, and again at a wedding where Beth was working, they can't deny the chemistry between them. With both their pasts standing between them can they overcome this and be together as parents for their little one?

Kevin in the past has been quite the player, with woman throwing themselves at him and tucking their lipstick written numbers in his pockets. Single, sexy and willing - he took advantage of this until the day Beth walked into his life. Can he convince her that he's changed and isn't looking for something casual?

While the story revolves mainly around Kevin and Beth, there is a lot going on around them. Family, friends and co-workers each have their own mini story tied in with the two main characters. Having not read the first book in the series, it didn't really affect the book. I'm looking forward to actually picking up the first and next book to find out a bit more about the rest of the family.

I really enjoyed this story. I've always been a fan of the easy to read contemporary romances; they always brighten my day! This is no exception to that! Shannon Stacey is a new author for me, but with her easy to get into writing style and fun characters this won't be the last of her books making it's home on my bookshelf!