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Earth Angel

Earth Angel - E. Van Lowe This was an interesting read. Angels, demons, and mortals fighting to save their world. The story takes place three weeks after the first book finished. Megan is dealing with the loss of Matt and Erin - her best friend has changed and refuses to speak to her after the death of her boyfriend Matt. Both of them are suffering, but can't deal with it.

Megan's boyfriend - an angel guardian named Guy, is trying to protect her from demons who would love to get their hands on the powerful book she found. Their relationship has it's up and downs, will they be able to get through the rough patches or will this be the end for them?

There were some good points and bad points about this book. One of the big things for me the fact that I hadn't read Boyfriend from Hell and there were a LOT of references to events that happened previously. This left me confused and wondering. It does make me want to go back and read it, but it was frustrating at times. My only other complaint was the big scene near the end of the story - it happened so quickly! I would have liked to have more - detail, information.. just more!

I really liked Megan, she was a great character. She grows and learns through out the story - I like that in a character! I loved the relationship between her and her mother, as well as with her friends. The ups and downs, the arguments and dealing with the events.

This is something I will re-read again once I've picked up the first book. I'm also looking forward to the 3rd book coming out next December! For those who love YA, and Paranormal - this is definitely a book for you. BUT make sure you've read the first book!