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Sound of the Heart

Sound of the Heart - Genevieve Graham Do you ever start a book and know you probably shouldn’t because you KNOW you won’t be able to put it down until it’s finished? Well for me this was one of those books. I started it at 8pm – while hubby was watching TV and ended up staying up until 1am because I HAD to know what happened to Dougal and Glenna. This is one of those books that sucked me right in and held me until it was finished.

We met Dougal briefly in Under the Same Sky (Genevieve’s debut in 2011), he is brother to Andrew (the main character from UtSS). While Andrew and Maggie had a connection with one another, Dougal can sense the thoughts of men around him. After the battle of Culloden, Dougal is taken prisoner by the English forces. He is tossed into circumstance that I can’t even fathom, they are ill treated, malnourished and kept in horrible places.

While stuck in prison, he meets John, Joseph and Aiden. The four become friends and take care of one another throughout their ordeal. When an escape doesn’t quite go according to plan, only Dougal and Aiden manage to find their way free. Dougal mourns the fact that he couldn’t get the other two away from the English, but he pushes on. I can’t imagine what Dougal went through, having his culture and way of life being stripped away and then to go free and not be able to be who he was anymore.

As we progress through the story, we meet Glenna. She is a fantastic character, she is feisty, she keeps Dougal on his toes, but they are the best of friends and would easily do anything to keep the other safe. They manage to keep out of site and safe for almost 10 years when they are caught off guard and are taken back into custody of the English. Both make their way to the New World, in their own way.

I felt for Glenna, who went through so much – being auctioned off and forced into being a servant. And Dougal who had to fight with the English and isn’t able to find Glenna. I loved how the book was divided into Dougal’s point of view and then Glenna’s. Each had their own distinctive voice and it made the story that much more amazing. I don’t want to reveal too much of the story but it’s probably one of the best books I’ve read so far this year – easily.

Will I recommend this book? YES GO BUY IT NOW! Oh and make sure you get the first book Under the Same Sky too, because it’s equally amazing! Will I read more by this author? Well that’s a silly question! I’ll have to make sure to ask Genevieve when the next book comes out because I need more!!! And she’s also Canadian, which is amazing – AND such a sweetheart!