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Touch of the Angel (Demons of Infernum, #3)

Touch of the Angel  - Rosalie Lario Having the life sucked out of him, wasn't Ronin's plans for that evening. After being tempted by a gorgeous, sexy woman who turns out to be a Succubus! Thankfully with the help of his brothers he's able to heal, and not die like countless others have at the hands of beautiful a Succubus.

Amara is stuck in an impossible situation. She's under the control of a madman who not only has her, but 5 others at his beck and call. When the man she thought she killed walks back into her life and kidnaps her (seems to be a theme with the brothers!), she prays that this is her way out.

I really enjoyed the story of Ronin and Amara. Like the previous two books in the series, they must overcome their own issues as well as a super evil bad guy who is bound and bent on terrorizing them and countless others. Can they find a way to be together without Ronin dying? Can they free Amara and save the day?

Another must read from Rosalie Lario - and a great third book in her series! I look forward to reading about Cresso and Dagan in their stories "Heart of the Incubus" and "Call of the Siren".