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Don't Mess with Texas (Hotter in Texas)

Don't Mess with Texas - Christie Craig Nothing was going right for Nikki. Money is tight, her ex is dead and she's being blamed for his murder. How was she going to pay the bills and stay out of jail? Will they find the real killer so she can get her life back? With former cop and sexy investigator Dallas on her side, things might start looking up.

Dallas and Nikki manage to get themselves in and out of a few scrapes in this story. With a killer on the loose and Nikki being blamed they are trying to keep her safe and help the police figure out the who and why. Can they keep out of trouble? Will the killer finally slip up?

I really enjoyed this story! I felt for Nikki, after finding her ex stuffed in her truck she's questioned, blamed and watched by the police. She's tougher then she looks and manages to keep Dallas and his brother Tony on their toes. Not only did this story have great main characters like Nikki and the sexy Dallas - it had fun secondary characters like Nikki's Nana and her posse of costume wearing friends.

Christie Craig is a new author for me. The story was funny, easy to get into with fun characters. This will definitely not be the last of this author for me, and I look forward to finding out with happens with Tony and his estranged wife LeeAnn. For anyone who loves a good contemporary this is definitely one you should check out.