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When She Was Wicked (A Honeycote Novel)

When She Was Wicked - Anne  Barton Anabelle will do what she must to make sure her sister and mother have food and medicine. Even if it involves something against he morals, and might hurt someone else. She sees blackmail as the only way to save her family from starvation or death.

Unfortunately for Anabelle, she attempts to blackmail the wrong person. When she meets Owen, the Duke of Huntford her entire plan has to change. Anabelle is packed up and moved into Owen’s home and is given the task of creating beautiful dresses for his two sisters and all the while keeping the reason under wraps.

I really liked Anabelle; she’s of a ‘lower’ class, she’s spunky, speaks her mind, works hard and is willing to do anything for her family. When life threw Owen in her path, she tried to make the best of it, but ended up in quite the mess. Both of these characters have some issues to work through, and definitely keep each other on their toes.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, it was a light hearted, easy to get into historical. Anne is a new author to me, and has a great way with words and characters. I felt for Anabelle, and worried right along side her about her mother and sister. I loved Owen, and his willingness to take Anabelle in despite what she did, and trusted her with his adorable sisters. Would I read more by this author? Yes! Most definitely.