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The Vault

The Vault  - Boyd Morrison A crazy car chase on the Autobon, a well planned theft from an exclusive art gallery, a museum, private jets, expensive cars, a lost treasure worth millons, terrorists, kidnapping, bomb threats.. all this and more can be found between the pages of Boyd Morrison's newest book!

Tyler and Stacey are forced to help Orr - a manipulative villain. Orr is trying to track down the mysterious treasure & tomb of King Midas - and of course the golden touch! What thief/villain or mob boss wouldn't want to get their hands on such an amazing thing? Also on the hunt is a woman from Orr's past - she is ruthless and willing to do anything to thwart Orr and all those who are 'helping'.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story - it was filled right from the beginning with intrigue, and action. I am looking forward to more adventures with Tyler - who is also the main character from the Ark! Morrison's characters are well written and engaging. While Tyler & Stacey were thrown together - they worked well as a team, maybe even some feelings are brought to the surface?!

Boyd Morrison's writing reminds me of amazing authors Clive Cussler, Matthew Reilly, Steve Berry and Andy McDermott. All authors who sit proudly on my bookshelf. After reading The Vault I went and hunted down a couple of his other books to read - boy was I not disappointed! Mr. Morrison will now have a permanent place on my bookshelf - I am going to have to go and buy this book when it's available!