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This was a really intriguing and unique read. It combined all of my favorite things - romance, vampires, history and of course witches! Sarah has always felt drawn to Salem, and after her divorce she decides to move to the town of Salem.

Her first night in Salem while driving home a glimpse of a beautiful old home that she swears she has seen before. Little does she knows this house will play a huge part in her new life!! James meets Sarah through the library where they both spend a great deal of time. Her a librarian - him a professor. James is also the proud owner of the double gabled home that Sarah has been so fascinated with.

I really enjoyed this story - Meredith tied together so many different elements to make this story very unique. The characters are well written, and engaging - they draw you into the story and keep you hooked right up until the last page. I love the budding relationship between James and Sarah; and how they have to deal with some incredible events. The secondary characters - Jennifer, Timothy and Olivia are amazing! They play such an important role with helping Sarah overcome her nightmares and see what is really hidden in her memories and subconscious.

If you love Vampires, Witches, romance, and history - you will love this story! I highly recommend this to everyone!