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Ember (Ember #1)

Ember (Ember #1) - Madison Daniel
After losing his father to a heart attack, he decides it's time to make a fresh start in Hawaii with his Uncle Frank. Where no one knows "Mad Max", about the accident that took his sister Mia, or his mother leaving. He hopes to finish his last year of high school with a clean slate.

On route to his new home, he's almost run over twice and picks up a stray dog - who tries to save Max and ends up hurt in the process. Using his new found gift, he saves the little wiener dog and has a new best friend in the process! This all sets in motion events that will throw his life into chaos!

This was an interesting read. Max, Sam and Asia have quite the love triangle - and then throw Devon and Lucy in the mix just to get things more complicated! Caught between two very different girls, Max isn't sure what he really wants. He doesn't want to hurt either of them - their hearts or with his gift. He is drawn to each of them in different ways.

Max is trying very hard to keep his temper and powers under control. But sometimes things just don't work out in his favor. Devon and his 'gang' are making things difficult for him.. but I won't get into too much detail with that - it'll spoil the story!

I loved how the author attaches songs to each chapter of the book, it was really unique and a lot of fun to see what songs he chose. There is a great play-list at the end of the book - I actually added a few of them to my own play-list!

All in all it was a great read, I'm looking forward to the next book to see what happens to Max, Sam, Asia, Kai and Marcus... This was a unique YA paranormal that fans of either genre will enjoy.