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Grace loves lists, her rules and her well ordered life. When a chance encounter at a crab festival with ex-boyfriend Ethan Castle throws everything into chaos. Ethan has been hired by a rival, the battle lines are drawn and boy do the sparks start to fly! Can she keep herself on the right track and her feelings in check with handsome, sexy Ethan close by?

These characters have so much chemistry it practically leapt off the page! Grace is torn between Blain – the Senator’s grandson, who she’s had a thing for since childhood and Ethan – the man she met in Law school who she can’t seem to get out of her mind.

As the story progresses we get to see more and more of Grace and how she deals with so many changes in her life. She’s thrust into the political ring after an accident takes the campaign manager out of the game. Can she pick up the pieces, before disaster strikes?

I really loved Grace – her lists , her rules and the witty banter between her and Ethan. She has spunk, she’s driven and keeps everyone on their toes. I loved the unexpected moments, the tension and the light hearted humour! I wasn’t expecting to love the political aspects, but they were amazing!

Will I recommend this? Most definitely, it’s a fun, light hearted, sexy, witty story of two characters who are getting a second chance; with a love triangle tossed in for good measure! Would I read more by this author? Yes, I loved her writing style, the characters and the pace of the story!