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The Reluctant Wife

The Reluctant Wife - Bronwen Evans What Abby thought was a marriage based on love, respect and passion truly wasn’t. Feeling out of place, unsure of who she was; she decides to leave and return home to England to live with her Grandmother. Leaving behind her husband, Conte Lombardi.

Dante doesn’t believe in love; business and family are his life and isn’t about to change that. When Abby after years apart waltzes back into his life looking for help – everything he thought he believed is tossed right out the window.

Abby didn’t want to go to Dante for help, but her Grandmother’s life is at stake. She willingly agrees to Dante’s terms for his help. She moves back into the family villa to resume the life she left – and become his ‘broodmare’.

Oh these two – Abby and Dante. They have so much tension, friction, passion and are such stubborn people they can’t see what’s right in front of them. Dante refuses to admit how he feels, Abby can’t see it and puts a wall up between them. He wants Abby back for all the wrong reasons and is willing to do almost anything to get Abby back in his bed.

Would I recommend this book? It was a fun, quick and steamy read. Definitely one I’ll read again! I loved the characters, especially Abby. She’s quick witted, smart, funny and keeps Dante on his toes. Dante grows and has to come to terms with a lot of things through the story. Would I read more by this author? Yes!